De Well is a full service integrated logistics company built on the back of its ocean NVOCC business. Founded in 1992 with a two person office in Shanghai, today De Well operates one of the largest NVOCC’s in the Trans-Pacific Trade complemented by its warehouse and depot business units. De Well has expanded into one of the largest integrated forwarding container businesses serving the China to US trade with forwarding offices, warehouses, carrier off dock container depots and a joint venture with Maersk Lines to service container maintenance repairs for Eastern China. In 2014, De Well achieved the rank of 13th largest NVOCC serving the Asia to US trade.

De Well Advantages

  • 13th largest NVOCC in Trans-Pacific
  • Warehouses throughout China
  • Warehouses on West and East Coast US
  • Move 300 containers per day with own trucks in Shanghai — Ningbo
  • Largest off dock depot company in Shanghai with an annual throughput of 3.6 million TEU

De Well leverages its integrated land and international transportation components to service clients on a factory to door basis. This growth comes from supporting clients as they expand into the US or China which has come to be one of De Well’s key fundamental principles; "follow the customer". De Well’s "follow the customer" approach has enabled us to grow as we invest in assets to support our client’s expansion. A case in point is the support we gave a US Importer who had problems with over 300 factories in China. See case study #2 below for the details on De Well’s solution to their fragmented CIF movements.

De Wells light asset approach to our international transportation allows us to provide an integrated solution including warehousing and trucking in China, NVOCC or air transportation and warehousing at the US destination. De Well’s Depot and carrier booking agent business in China provides De Well and its customers with distinct advantages not enjoyed by other NVOCC’s. For example; as a booking agent for the carrier’s in China, De Well is connected electronically with shipping lines providing us with the capability to generate electronic booking confirmations for our customers on line.

De Well Case Study 1: China Exporter

De Well Case Study 2: U.S. Importer