Case Study 2: U.S. Importer

Challenge: A medium sized US importer was sourcing from 300+ factories. They noticed that many of the factories were using De Well’s NVOCC to move the goods to their customers. They set up a meeting in Shanghai with De Well to understand who this company was and why many of their factories were using De Well.

Solution: During the meeting it was disclosed that De Well had a strong China infrastructure with our base in Shanghai. The importer was frustrated, with so many factories using whatever NVOCC they wanted. De Well worked with the importer to shift their sourcing to FOB from CIF. Once De Well took control of the NVOCC, we began handling the origin trucking and established a QC program in De Well’s Shanghai warehouse. The next step was to take each factory one at a time and train them to comply with the importers instructions. Finally, De Well established an East Coast and West Coast distribution program. The final result; shifting the sourcing to FOB, eliminating many factories reducing the factories to a manageable number, setting up a random QC program, handling the trucking at origin and destination and establishing a distribution program. In short, establishing an integrated solution leveraging De Well’s assets for the customers benefit.