Operating off dock depots servicing the carriers has become one of De Well’s core businesses. Today De Well operates four off dock facilities supporting the Shanghai ports in Wai Gao Qiao and Yangshan. We opened our first container depot in Shanghai in 2000 serving Wai Gao Qiao terminal and we continue to grow this business with four off dock sites encompassing more than 3.7 million square feet. We have off dock container yards adjacent to every major terminal including Yangshan terminal. Our sites are within 4 kilometers of the terminals they serve. In 2014 De Well’s combined depots had a throughput of approximately 3.5 million TEU.

Depot Terminal Served Annual Throughput Depot Size (Sq Ft)
Depot 1 Wai Gao Qiao 1,100,000 TEU 1,076,391
Depot 2 Wai Gao Qiao    250,000 TEU    215,278
Depot 5 Yang Shan    380,000 TEU    743,473
Depot 8 Wai Gao Qiao 1,800,000 TEU 1,722,225
Total 3,530,000 TEU 3,757,367

We are expanding Depot 8 making it the single largest off dock terminal in the port of Shanghai among all three port areas; Wusong, Wai Gao Qiao and Yangshan terminals. Depot 8 is ideally situated near Wai Gao Qiao and shippers prefer to pick up at a Wai Gao Qiao terminal rather than make the costly trek to Yangshan to pick up and return containers. Shippers save approximately USD100 per container by picking up equipment at De Well’s off dock terminals rather than driving the additional 53 kilometers to Yangshan. De Well’s terminals have the most sophisticated security and yard management systems giving our management full control of the shipping lines containers. We provide this service on behalf of most of the major carriers. Carriers will reposition equipment to our facilities to be released to shippers who may return the full containers to the same location. De Well also provides repositioning dray, container maintenance and general management of the carrier’s equipment.

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