Depot 1 Location Map

Depot 1 Pictures

Depot 1 Traffic Flow


一、 德一堆场地理位置,毗邻外一、外二(港城路1568号)

De Well Depot 1 location, adjacent to WGQ Terminal 1 and 2 (No.1568 Gang Cheng Road)

二、 德一堆场道口及场地(占地面积100,000平方米,可堆存空箱15000TEU) 道口配备4进2出

Depot 1 gate and area (total land area 100,000sqm, empty container capacity 15000TEU), gate is designed for 4 trucks in and 2 trucks out

三、 德一堆场场内示意图

Depot 1 traffic flow