De Well supports standard X12 electronic data interchange (EDI) formats. EDI is a form of electronic date exchange and can be transmitted to and from any system. We can support any EDI transaction set but the most common are listed below. De Well can also receive XML, flat files and excel formats. Our preferred method to exchange data is through the use of an FTP upload/download.

Common EDI Transactions

Purchase Order

850: Purchase Order

Ocean Status Updates

856: Advanced Ship Notice; notice of ship departure

301: Booking Confirmation

304: Shipping Instructions

312: Arrival Notice

315: Status Update

317: Delivery Order

Truck Status Update

204: Motor Carrier Load tender

210: Freight Details & Tender

214: Truck Shipment Status Message

Warehouse Status Update

940: Warehouse Shipping Order

943: Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipping Advice

944: Warehouse Receipt Advice

945: Warehouse Shipping Advice

EDI Mapping

EDI mapping timelines vary based upon the responsiveness and availability of both parties. Typically it will take 3 to 6 weeks to set up an EDI transaction to go live.