At De Well we are re-thinking how we use technology in our day to day business and as a tool to provide transparency to our customer. Our goal is to impact our users internally and externally by minimizing manual processes and the use of excel to manage information. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your data regardless of the system that your service provider uses? We have a number of initiatives for 2015 that are at the forefront of our thinking:

  • We are reviewing our internal processes at both origin and destination side to streamline our data flow. We expect that once a data set has been introduced to our system it will populate that data set downstream. We seek to minimize the data input and improve our data integrity
  • We are bringing "on-demand" order management to our customer through an introduction of an enhanced version of our POM platform. We believe no two customers are alike so our new onboarding process for POM will include customization to allow our client to help design their home page dashboard. This platform will be characterized by the following:
    • ✓  A set of Dashboards with which to view data
    • ✓  The ability to manage and approve shipments online
    • ✓  Customized daily reports sent to our customer’s management
    • ✓  Reports that provide detailed KPI’s
  • We are evolving our new site. This will be the first of four phases that will seek as our end game to introduce as a social business site.

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